Cali Fabrics’ Fabric + Vogue 9275 Reviews

Hey, ya’ll! I’m back with another Cali Fabrics post. This time I made a whole outfit inspired by V9275 and the ever-popular athleisure trend using two fabrics from Cali Fabrics.

If you follow me on Instagram, you know I was searching for the perfect fabric combo for this pattern.

Vogue 9275 and Cali Fabrics options by Inside The Hem

Most everyone picked C, either 1 or 2, and X. And, now you can see which ones I chose!

Vogue 9275 sewn by Lindsey of Inside The Hem using Cali Fabrics

Watch to learn more about the pattern including adjustments I had to make and the fabrics I used!

Jacket Fabric:
Top Fabric: Exact, Sold Out!
Similar print:
Similar colorway:
All of the DBP:

*Learn how to “bag” a lining:
**See the dress I made using the Double Brushed Poly:

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