My plans videos are turning into more of an all-you-can-eat buffet. I go into each month like I’m starving to eat/make everything and end up filling my plate/sewing table with more than I can manage. But, hey, it’s still fun to dream, right?

Here’s what I’m planning on making this month! It’s a long list including tackling my work in progress (WIP) pile…ok , piles, with an “s”!

A sewist's work in progress bin.

This one, that SONNY is graciously inspecting, has some Carolyn Pajamas (Closet Case Patterns), a dress cut from Liberty of London fabric, another dress with leather accents, and maybe a couple more. I can’t really see to the bottom.

Anyway, watch my video to see what all I’m planning to do (WIPs and new projects) during the next 31 days!

Linky Links:
McCall’s 7660
Fabric from Joann’s Fabric and Crafts

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