Swatch Review | Style Maker Fabrics’ Fall Fabric Collection

Do you love looking at fabric swatches? Yea. Duh. Who doesn’t!?

I started doing these swatch videos for Style Maker Fabrics a few years ago and it’s always a viewer favorite.

Hang out with me as I walk you through the ENTIRE new fall fabric collection from Style Maker Fabrics! I’ll talk about the fabric content, how it feels, what patterns or types of garments it would work for, coordinating fabrics in the collection and whatever else might come to mind!

So, grab a cup of tea, a pen, and some paper. You’ll want to make notes of the sku numbers you like as I go through them. You can put those numbers into the search bar at the top of to find the fabrics quickly and easily.

Let me know what you put in your cart!

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