profile picHey, ya’ll! I’m Lindsey and I’m so excited you found us on the vast World Wide Web! I know there are a lot of sewing blogs out there and am honored you’re taking a second to visit mine!

I’m an enthusiastic sewist and YouTuber living in beautiful Charleston, SC! I’ve been sewing since 2012 and have never looked back.

I had just moved to Charleston from nearby Columbia. My job as a marketing coordinator relocated my as they moved their corporate offices. I didn’t know anyone and was eager to make some new friends. So, I did what any millennial would do, I went online to Meetup.com. I saw a crafting meet-up was scheduled for the upcoming Friday and they would be taking a beginner sewing class. I showed up for the meet up, made a tote bag, and met a really nice group of girls. But, more than that, I found an untapped passion and unleashed the beast within!

The very next day, I bought a sewing machine. I took the whole thing straight from Wal-mart to the sewing shop still in the box and started sewing classes immediately. I ended up taking classes there for two years moving from the basics to through the advanced classes until I realized that I had learned all I could from them.

Eventually, I stopped taking classes and relied on my sewing friends and the Internet for help through tough patterns, and more importantly, picking fabric and patterns.

In January of 2016, I had the idea of starting a YouTube channel. I launched Inside the Hem shortly thereafter and have quickly built a following online. I love sharing the things I’ve made, my favorite sewing things, and just my passion for sewing in general. I’ve met many wonderful online friends and love helping newbies find their passion for the craft as well.

We hope you’ll follow along as I continue on this journey!

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