ABBEY AND LINDSEY INSIDE THE HEMHey, ya’ll! We are Abbey and Lindsey and we’re so excited you found us on the vast World Wide Web! We know there are a lot of sewing blogs out there and are honored you’re taking a second to visit ours!

We are real life best friends who live in beautiful Charleston, SC! Each of us began sewing in the spring of 2012 and never looked back.

When Abbey started sewing, she was a newlywed, married to her college beau, Joseph. She spends most of the year as a speech pathologist for one of the local school districts. With summer break approaching, she was looking for something new and interesting to spend with her downtime. So, she signed up for sewing classes at a local fabric shop.

Meanwhile, Lindsey had just moved to Charleston from nearby Columbia. Her job as a marketing coordinator relocated her as they relocated their corporate offices. She didn’t know anyone really and was eager to make some new friends. So, she signed up fro sewing classes at a local fabric shop.

We’d like to say we both took their first class together since that would make for a more interesting story. But, it didn’t exactly go like that. Instead, they each attended classes on their own for a couple of months running into each other in passing. Eventually, a small group of girls formed, including our friends Sarah and Amber. We began sewing at each other’s homes and having the occasional dinner, where all we talked about was sewing.

Eventually, we stopped taking classes and relied on each other for help through tough patterns, and more importantly, picking fabric and patterns. We, along with our friend, Amber, planned trips to NYC to visit the Garment District, we road tripped to North Carolina to visit the largest fabric store in our area, and we just sewed all.the.time!

In January of 2016, Lindsey presented the idea of starting a YouTube channel and Abbey was all in! We launched Inside the Hem shortly thereafter and have quickly built a following online. We love sharing the things we’ve made, our favorite sewing things, and just our passion for sewing in general. We’ve met many wonderful online friends and love helping newbies find their passion for the craft as well.

We hope you’ll follow along as we continue on this journey!